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An innovative approach, the result of neuroscience and a highly instructive field experiment

Get fast results with 100% personalised sessions, tailored to your goals and interests.

Chat and learn face-to-face with a qualified native coach.

Work at your own pace. Choose your session duration (15, 25, 40 or 55 min), your coach and decide when and where you want to learn! 100% flexibility!

In addition to the training, follow up on your classes by reviewing the recordings of your sessions, available in your private account.

Review your personalised lesson report after each session to monitor your progress.

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Méthode VILLA VivaLing

The VILLA© Method

Since its creation, VivaLing has developed and patented a learning method that combines the latest knowledge in neuroscience, a resolutely positive pedagogy and the latest technology: the ViLLA© method (VivaLing Language Learning Approach).

A proven pedagogy with thousands of satisfied learners – under the gentle guidance of Abbie Adeyeri and her team of Master Coaches, our learners thrive on learning their new language.

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VOLT© certification: training for coaches using our exclusive method

The VOLT© (VivaLing Online Language Teaching) certification given to all VivaLing coaches is an original training programme providing them with all the tools to deliver quality courses, based on the latest developments in cognitive science and the most modern digital teaching tools. All of this is delivered through a caring and dynamic pedagogy.

The benefits of the ViLLA© method

The curriculum or 'study program'

A structured, proven, ever-developing learning program that is constantly being renewed.

VivaLing has designed a unique pedagogy and progression, giving substance to the grammatical and syntactic acquisition of its learners.

Master Coaches: highly qualified trainers in their field

VivaLing coaches have a wide range of support materials adapted to all ages and skills that help them deliver the VivaLing Curriculum. When preparing for a session, the coach defines his or her objectives, adds the learner’s passions to the content and sprinkles the whole thing with a personal touch.

The learner is having a good time behind the screen interacting with the coach on specific themes and everyday life while constantly progressing thanks to the phenomena of repetition, consolidation and various oral and visual aids.

From classical to pragmatic language learning

The VivaLing Method

Supervised by Master Coaches, VivaLing coaches practice spontaneous and functional conversation with their learners while taking care to provide them with rich linguistic input during the sessions.

The structured communicative approach is, in fact, largely inspired by a mechanism that has been proven for thousands of years, the neuro-linguistic alchemy of the mother tongue. Didn’t we all successfully learn our native language instinctively in our early years, communicating functionally and spontaneously with our parents and educators?

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Classical training

The audio-linguistic method, widespread since the 1960s and still widely used in the academic world, is based mainly on exercises and memorisation, very often out of context.

To date, it has produced entire generations of learners who are often able to read and understand a foreign language, but who are inhibited and uncomfortable when it comes to conversing with a foreign speaker, the result of years of passive learning from the school benches.

apprentissage anglais classique

The audio-linguistic approach has displayed its weaknesses, shown by a whole generation of frustrated adults who are almost unable to express themselves in a foreign language, despite years of classroom experience.

The advantages of our training courses


playful interactions


role-play exercises


spontaneous role-playing


clear and concise rules


interpreting and rehearsing

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pragmatic language learning

For greater learning fluidity

A focus on the participatory experience of the learner offering lingustic tasks that are less academic and more in tune with the modern worl.

Business classes

Our coaches prepare their sessions according to your professional environment: situational exercises, role-playing and other interactions that engage in oral conversation, in an empathetic and caring context.

Cours de langues des affaires

General language courses

Our courses are mainly exchange-based. Our coaches use video-conferencing and participation is through live speaking. The relaxed atmosphere allows for more effective progress.

v2 General language course

Exam preparation

Our coaches will help your students to pass their foreign language exams. Whatever exam needs to be prepared for, our method will considerably increase their success rate!

Préparation d'examens
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At VivaLing, the applicants’ familiarity with the communicative approach to language teaching is an essential requirement for the recruitment process.

All future VivaLing coaches are therefore at advocates and practitioners of the communicative method.

Once onboard in the academy, their initial training – the VOLT – allows them to upgrade their skills.

It’s a well-tested mechanism that is proving its worth, judging not only by the opinion of our families on our social networks and through verified reviews, but also by the immense pleasure our coaches take in teaching the VivaLing method!

One of the main sources of satisfaction and fulfilment linked to this teaching, according to our Head of Learning, is the mutual respect and authenticity of the relationships established, putting an end to the “unproductive teacher/student authority.”

Thanks to the on-going communication between the coach and the learner on the establishment of the goals, the latter really get to know each other and together they achieve the targeted results more quickly.

Unlike many other language schools, VivaLing coaches are not given off-the-shelf sessions that are repetitive and hamper the learners’ creative potential.

It’s a true Vivaling trademark that enables the optimum development of skills and mutual fulfillment, both teacher and learner side.

Our most inhibited learners become real speakers of their second language!

VivaLing offers a flexible and commitment-free service.

You decide on the frequency, duration and regularity of your sessions.

For optimal learning results, two sessions per week are recommended to allow for real progress.

Yes! We have a dedicated team of coaches qualified in business courses and recruitment techniques.

Our coaches are experienced and receive regular training on the latest advancements in professional communication, recruitment, presentation techniques, etc.

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